Friday, May 15, 2009

Read Me: FAQ

Q: What are "circle lenses"?

A: Circle lenses are cosmetic contact lenses that have a black ring meant to enlarge the appearance of the iris. Originally from Korea, these lenses were made popular by ulzzangs ("best face" celebrities) and pop stars. IE, Kim Namji is very famous for wearing circle lenses, as are most Chinese/Taiwanese "Pretty Girls" (Mei Nur). They give the appearance of clear, doll-like eyes and are available primarily to the Asian market.

Q: What is the difference between colored and circle lenses?

A: Both are available in a variety of colors and designs as cosmetic lenses, but regular colored lenses do not have a black ring around the outer edge of the iris. They are meant to change the color of your eyes. Circle lenses are means to make your eyes appear larger with their notable black ring.

Q: Is circle lens safe to wear?

A: As it was made of material approved by FDA and manufactured with the advanced sandwiched method, the colorant do not come into contact with eyes and will not permeated. Considering how many cosmetic contact lenses are sold and the few complaints we hear they are surprisingly safe if proper instructions are complied with. That means washing the hands before handling the contact lens, not sharing your contact lens with others, disinfecting the contact lens on a regular basis, using the proper contact lens solutions and not wearing the contact lens any longer than your doctor has recommended.

Q: How long the life span of contact lens?

A: 6 months - 1 year, depends on how individual take care of it.

Q: When is the production and expiry date?

A: Normally is from 2008 to 2011.

Q: Do I need to buy two pairs if my eyes have different power range?

A: No, you don't. You can choose each of your eyes power range by buying only one pair.

Q: What are "tear lenses"?

A: Tear lenses are lenses that have slit designs around them. I chose these because as the name states, they give a teary like appearance. The teariness ultimately gives you a little depth and a glossy, doll-eyed look.

Q: Can circle lenses be prescribed?

A: Yes, there are degree 0.0 to 6.0 (0.50 steps) available. If you have 20/20 vision, you can buy non-prescription/plano/0.00 lenses. If you wear glasses or are unsure of your vision stats, have an eye exam with your local optometrist.

Q: Can people with astigmatism wear circle lenses?

A: This depends on the brand and seller. For example, G&G DOES make circle lenses for astigmatism, BUT these are not the same as their circle lenses or cosmetic circle lenses. Research the brand to find out the best choice so you don't order the wrong kind.
However, if your astigmatism is over 150, it is really RECOMMENDED to NOT wear circle lenses. Are you going to lose your vision just for beauty? You really shouldn't wear them if your astigmatism is over 150.

Q: Can I use an eyeglass prescription to order a contact lens?

A: Not really because the eyeglass and contact lens specifications are not the same. Also, you need to be evaluated and fitted for the contact lens and given instructions on the care and handling of the contact lens so you don't wear them out prematurely. If you currently wear glasses you should go back to your doctor and ask to be fitted for a contact lens as well. Don't forget to ask for a copy of your contact lens specifications.

Q: Can I get a contact lens if they are a different size and base curve than I'm wearing now?

A: You are supposed to be able to wear lens when the base curve is ±0.2 from your prescription.

Q: If I've had LASIK or another form of refractive surgery, can I still wear this contact lenses for cosmetic purpose?

A: You may be able to. But it will be better off to consult your Eye Care Professional first because only they call tell for sure.

Q: Will the colored contact lens look on my eyes like they do in your pictures?

A: They may and then again they may not. Our pictures are only meant to give you an idea of how the colored contact lens will look on the eyes. They cannot be an exact representation because your underlining eye color has some effect as does the color values of your monitor. Please take note all pictures loaded including the lens picture are for reference only and actual product color tone maybe difference due to monitor resolution lighting and etc factors. All goods sold are to be based on physical product.

Q: How do I know the item I purchased on the internet is Korea's brand authentic contact lens?

A: There have been an increasing number of online shops selling imitation contact lens. We can provide EMS code for our stock imported from Korea so you can track the code to know where the exact location from.

Q: Should I put in my contacts before or after applying makeup?

A: We recommend putting your lenses on before putting on your makeup. You fingers can easily catch makeup residue and washing them doesn't always get it off. However, if your hands are perfectly clean, it doesn't matter.
However, it IS easier to put in your lenses after you've curled your lashes.

Q: Are the goods exchangeable or returnable?

A: Sorry, once we passed the good to our customers, we are not responsible on it.

Q: How long will delivery time take from Korea to Indonesia?

A: Estimated time will take 3 weeks, exclusive of weekends, public holidays, consolidating time, processing of orders & packing time.

Q: Can I place order for wholesale?

A: Yes you can. We welcome enquiry for export orders and wholesale. Drop us a email for further discussions in our business dealings. Enjoy special price for export/wholesale orders.

Q: Will Odile Fashion Circle Lens responsible for any lost/damaged items during delivery?

A: No. Items are in perfect condition when we pack them in Styrofoam packaging and send them for shipping. Odile Fashion Circle Lens will not be liable for any lost or damaged packages.

Q: How do I clean the contact lenses?

A: These contact lenses are just like any other normal color lenses. You can use any multi-purpose solution and saline solution available in the market. Cleaning routines are just like normal lens. For annual replacement lens, you probably need enzyme disinfection of protein periodically.

Q: How do I take care of my circle lenses?

A: You take care of them like any other contact lenses. You should only wear them up to 6 hours at a time and always keep them in a contact lenses case with solution when you aren't wearing them. It's very important to put your contact on and take them off with CLEAN HANDS! If your hands are dirty, you can get debris or harmful substances in your eyes which can lead to irritation and even blindness! Wash your hands before putting them in/taking them out and make sure to rub your fingers with contact solution after washing your hands.
Clean your lenses before and after you wear them. To clean your lenses, with clean hands, pour some solution onto the lens and rub between your thumb and other finger. When storing, always replace the solution and clean the case so your lenses can soak in fresh, clean solution.

Q: What do I do if I have eye dryness and irritation?

A: Some people don't blink enough or completely when they wear a contact lens which causes the lens to blur and feel gritty. Increase your blink rate to the normal one blink every 5 or 6 seconds. Use contact lens eye drops to lubricate your eyes and rewet your lenses. If the problems persist, stop wearing the lens and consult your eye doctor.

Q: How do I make payment?

A: Bank in to BCA (Bank Central Asia) or Mandiri. For international buyers, we accept Western Union and Paypal.

Q: Would I get discount if I buy more?

A: The more you buy, the more discount you can get from us!
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